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Testimonials: Testimonials

“...the most enthusiastic attitude and a willingness to consider alternative points of view. She was engaged and engaging.”

Dawn Tolonen, Director of Marketing United Pet Group Adjunct Professor Virginia Tech Pamplìn College of Business​

"Competent & Personable. Janelle is a Class A person with sharp skill sets and an excellent work ethic. She has been of great assistance to the Lunch Pail Defense Foundation"

M. Tyson Daniel, Esq. Director - Lunch Pail Defense Foundation, Inc. Of Counsel - Creekmore Law Firm​

Janelle is extremely bright and intelligent. She is very organized and has a tremendous work ethic and work habit. She is very creative and dependable. She is very personable and has outstanding people and communication skills. ...She has learned how to organize a team to work productively towards a goal, how to effectively communicate to various people, and how to encourage people to give to a cause [Lunch Pail Defense].
That's not an easy thing to do for a young individual.

Robert "Bud" Foster, Virginia Tech, Football Defensive Coordinator Founder of The Lunch Pail Defense Foundation

"..Ms. Ashley is a hard and dedicated worker, but takes it a step further with her exuberant personality. Her personality is a large part to her success..." "...She is a highly energized individual with a captivating professional and personable personality."

Cornell Brown Virginia Tech, Assistant Football Coach Super Bowl XXXV Champion

Janelle has a tremendous mind for business. Particularly, problem-solving. No, solution-finding.

TJ Loeffler, Owner of + Motivational Speaker

“You inspired me to keep on being myself...and liking myself despite the fact that I am different and unique.

In a business sense, when I was in my last semester and I had to work on a marketing plan for [a business Janelle owned], you inspired to me to think outside the box and challenge myself.”

Hayam Hakki Elgowainy, UNC Charlotte Business Undergrad

Janelle has been such an incredible entrepreneurial role model and so full of great information as I take my next steps into my own business. I feel very lucky to also be able to call her a friend!

Elise Pentz, Small Business Owner

"Janelle Ashley is a treasure. She is beautiful, intelligent and very capable of achieving anything she puts her mind to! She is a joy to work with and brings out the best in everyone."

Denise Westbrook

“Ms. Ashley is that she's super easy to talk to and understand. She's full of life but when it's time to get serious she puts her game face on. For someone who understands business as well as she does, she understands how to break it down [for others]!”

Kofi Sackey, Photographer

"Janelle Ashley's desire for excellence is evident in everything she does. She is a master of her craft, and a real pleasure to be around. Everything she touches is blessed. I know I am not alone in the industry when I say that I have massive respect for Janelle. She has a great attitude and spirit, and it is contagious with the people that surrounds her!"

Freddy Foster, Business Owner, Greenville, SC

"Thanks for giving me a new set of eyes and the motivation to level up in my existing business. Your encouragement and insight truly helped propel me into to the next phase of my business and brand. I love your take charge attitude!"

Monique Floyd, Monique Floyd Photography + Small Business Owner

“Janelle is one of the most energetic, creative, and driven individuals that I know. If she wants something to happen, she will find a way to make it happen. She has a beautiful spirit and a positive attitude that is absolutely contagious-it's almost impossible not to feel happy around her!”

Kristin Knight, Med Boutique Client

“Janelle Ashley is a very motivating and kind hearted individual that is real and isn't afraid to show it. She is a breath of fresh air to her generation and is constantly trying new ways to invent her business and bring new ideas to the table. Her use of social media in promoting her brand is very unique and differentiates her from her competitors. She is a lovely person and is very friendly to everyone she meets.”

Nesha Pai, Small Business Owner + Networker + Motivator

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