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Do you have a medical aesthetics center? Do you find it hard to attract new clients and keep them coming back? Dragging because of the increase competition? 

We have a 'big-picture' approach, combining the business side with the medical side, to increase the owner's bottom line all while making people love their looks that much more.

Our immersive consulting approach allows us to analyze, strategize and perfect your offerings. It's time to stand out from your competitors, get beautiful results, and increase your bottom line.



fulfilling my needs to share my skills, support other entrepreneurs, business strategy, and helping others think outside the box and obtain success


Brand Your Brand

Starting a business or have one already? Spend some time with Janelle to learn how to see things differently. Learn better ways to:

-increase cash flow,

-attract more business,

-create lasting relationships

-differentiate yourself from others in your market

-develop social media hype

-leverage social media

-develop better strategy

-increase your profits

-increase brand awareness

-leverage your strengths

-increase employee productivity

-motivate staff

-fully develop and launch new ideas and strategies

Seeing things differently can tremendously help your bottom line and you must be profitable to stay in business and achieve your other dreams.

Contact Janelle today!


WebDesign + Social Media

We're living in an online society these days so you need your brand to STAND OUT ONLINE.

Whether you have an online store, a blog, a retail boutique, or a personal website: creating a strong online presence is imperative.  Having a strong online presence is vital to success and profitability. Janelle can help you create a memorable brand online to increase your bottom line all while teaching you how to self-manage your presence to save money in the long run.

-build a beautiful website 

-custom domain

-learn how to manage and easily change your website 

-professional online blog

-professional online store

-SEO (search engine optimization)

-online review tactics (Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook)

-increase brand awareness

-create social media hype

-social media integration 

-social media strategy

-learn how to create social media content 

-full strategic online analysis and plan

Get going, this is your time! Contact Janelle today!

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